Capital Commentary is a weekly current-affairs publication of the Center for Public Justice. Published since 1996, it is written to encourage the pursuit of justice. Commentaries do not necessarily represent an official position of the Center for Public Justice but are intended to help advance discussion.
Can a Nuclear State be a Just State?
by Robert J. Joustra

How does possession of nuclear weapons as deterrents and stabilizers violate the covenant of public justice fundamental to any political society?

Clergy and Millennials Pursuing Justice in Ferguson
by Harold Dean Trulear

A coalition of clergy and young leaders are using the powerful tools of nonviolent protest in Ferguson, MO.

Civil Discourse and Principled Pluralism on University Campuses
by Chelsea Langston

Two universities have demonstrated ways to protect principled pluralism on their campuses and engage members from religious students groups in meaningful civil discourse.

“Fierce Convictions”
by Byron Borger

Byron Borger reviews a new book about the life of Hannah More, a renowned poet, reformer, and abolitionist who was a contemporary of William Wilberforce.